My Life was created to capture early and current memories of the elderly and those with Dementia.

As an owner of several elderly care homes specialising in Dementia, I have always looked at ways in which our residents can be engaged and stimulated. I found that residents are able to recall some great memories which my care team use as an area of conversation.

Using the My Life book will enable the care team to provide person centred care. They will be able to identify the interests of the person and requirements so that they are able to fully understand what help they may need.

Over the years I have personally sat with many residents who have told me great stories about their life and I have always wondered if there was a better way to record this information. With the My Life book these stories and memories can be captured so that they can be used within your care of the resident and activities programme.

I have noticed that one of the activities that is most enjoyed by the residents is talking on a one to one basis. Using the My Life book will enable the staff

to engage in a much more meaningful way and will most importantly encourage memory recall.

The first part of the book is designed for past memories like early life and life before coming to the care home. The last part of the book is designed for current memories within the home, where great stories and pictures can be placed so that residents can recall their short term memory.

I believe this book will enhance the daily life for the residents in a care home setting. It will give the staff a much greater insight into the lives of the people they look after which can only be a positive when looking after them.

Finally I believe that giving the book back to my family when the resident leaves the care home is a great gesture. I have always wanted to give families a reminder of what an amazing life the resident has had and this book will enable them to have a lasting memory which can be passed on for generations.

Jazz Singh, Care Home Owner
My Life Book - Captures early and current memories of the elderly and those with Dementia